Is Sonoma County Fair’s ‘Midget Warrior Wrestling’ Exploitative?

In the opposite of “woke news”, the Sonoma County Fair hosted “Midget Warrior Wrestling” on Friday night.

As the owner and promoter of Midget Wrestling Warriors, Dan DiLucchio, commonly known as Short Sleeve Sampson, sent a flyer to Rebecca Bartling, the CEO of Sonoma County Fair. Following conversations about “potential issues” surrounding the event, Bartling decided to approve the performance as a way to “diversify” the acts.

DiLucchio confirmed he and his colleagues are professional athletes and entertainers who “project a positive image” for their community.

“I spoke with my board about it, and we all thought this would be a good opportunity for him to showcase what he does with his group,” explained Barling.

The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro asks listeners if it is exploitation if the “victim” chooses to make money in an event like Sonoma County Fair’s “Midget Warrior Wrestling”? Or, is it an employment opportunity for an underrepresented segment of society who chooses to put themselves in that position?

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