Heat Wave Continues To Roast California

Amir Brown, 15, tries to cool down while helping his mother set up a stand selling cold drinks near the National Mall on Friday, July 22, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nathan Howard)

As part of what’s being called the most brutal heatwave of 2022, California on Tuesday continued to bake in record temperatures — and meteorologists say it could be several days before the state sees any relief.

Sacramento, the state’s capitol, recorded a high of 115 degrees on Tuesday, tying California’s all-time record. Just one day earlier, Fairfield – a town in the San Francisco Bay area – hit a record 117 degrees.

“This will be the worst September heatwave on record for Northern California,” says University of California climate scientist Daniel Swain.

What’s more is the high temperatures are expected to continue through the end of the week, Swain adds. “It may be above 110 degrees in parts of Northern California through Friday,” he says.

The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro discusses how although we were able to avoid rolling blackouts, extreme heat still caused power outages in some areas, wreaking havoc on businesses and some schools. 

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A historically severe September heat wave is baking the West, breaking hundreds of records, posing a danger to public health and pushing California’s power grid to the limit, John Rothmann asks how some people still continue to claim global warming is a hoax?

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