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Balance of Nature was developed by Dr. Douglas Howard in 1997 in hopes of creating better overall health and wellness for people of all ages. Dr. Howard took an interest in studying phytochemicals and found that fruits and vegetables were packed full of these complex nutrients. He discovered that the reason fruits and vegetables are good for you is that they provide the vital chemistry your body needs to defend and repair itself.

Dr. Howard’s research is the reason why Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies are made from 100% whole, real food. They pride themselves in the highest quality products that contain no synthetic vitamins, fillers, fortifiers, hormones, preservatives, isolates, or any other additives. The Fruits and Veggies contain 16 fruits and 15 vegetables that you can clearly see, smell and taste.

While Balance of Nature is known for their Fruits & Veggies, they also have a product called Fiber & Spice. This whole food fiber supplement features both soluble and insoluble fiber and is a blend of whole psyllium husk, whole apple, flaxseed, and 12 spices.

Dr. Howard’s philosophy is that what you eat, think, and do can majorly impact your overall health and likelihood of lifestyle diseases. He established what is known as the Health Triad which is a balance of physical, spiritual, and chemical health.

Balance of Nature has found that consistency is key to success with their products and the Health Triad. As you continually give your body what it needs and make healthy lifestyle changes, you will start to feel closer to optimal health.

It is clear that people love Balance of Nature products! They get over 300 success stories every week and have awesome reviews on Trustpilot, Cell Regenerate, My Greens Daily, Fruit & Vegetable Supplements, and Natural Supplement Guide.

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