Don’t Invest and Forget with Pat Vitucci

Pat Vitucci has been a leader in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. He shares his message of proactive, goals-based financial planning with a wide audience throughout the Bay Area with his weekly radio show, television programs, and live seminars. He is also a popular guest speaker at conferences and workshops. Pat is the author of Don’t Invest and Forget, which outlines the importance of having a comprehensive financial plan – and how to start building one.

His financial planning company, Vitucci & Associates, has been helping clients in the Greater Bay Area plan towards their financial goals for over three decades with a goals-based approach to financial planning, investment management, and estate and tax strategies. With a specialty in retirement planning, Vitucci & Associates has helped thousands of people make the transition into retirement with confidence.

Listen to Pat on his radio show right here on KGO every Sunday from Noon - 1PM.

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