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Pat Thurston has been a staple of talk radio in the Bay Area since the O.J. Simpson trial. As a broadcaster, Pat has interviewed some of the most powerful and famous people in the world, including Bill Maher, Zendaya, Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite and many members of Congress.

Her broadcast career began when she served in the U.S. Army, hosting a weekly television program aired service-wide, around the globe.

Pat’s life gives her a unique perspective. Not only does she have vast experience -- from the Secret Service to selling office copiers to traveling the Caribbean islands for a timeshare exchange company -- she is also mom to 18-year-old triplets now in college.

Pat once hosted a dating show - Dateless and Desperate - which she playfully called Dateless and Tasteless for its endless focus on sex. She was a frequent guest on CNN and she once went naked sky-diving (that was way before she became a mom). She once took a group of listeners on a tour of England, broadcast her show from Washington D.C. shortly after 9/11, and regularly hosts debates on ballot issues before elections.  She tackles political and social issues that affect our everyday lives.  Her favorites are the local issues, and she’s willing to take on powerful entities like PG&E and its regulator, the California Public Utilities Commission.

While she tackles serious issues, she never takes herself too seriously. Pat loves to have fun.  One of her favorite on-air games is “Name That Bigot” and she plays, but is very bad at, “Dead or Alive”. 

"I love talk radio. It not only allows for an exchange of ideas, but debate and conversation. It gives me the impetus to stay informed.”

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